PPP Agency Director participated in UNECE working group

Published on: 01.12.2020
Category: PPP News

On December 1, 2020, the PPP Agency Director was a speaker on the panel “Capacity building and UNECE-affiliated Specialists Centers of Excellence”.

A number of issues were discussed during the panel:

  • Building back better will require a more UNECE-affiliated Specialists Centers of Excellence”. infrastructure,  the delivery of People-first projects protect especially socially and economically vulnerable members of communities.
  • How to build capacities of local authorities to deliver projects at local levels.
  • Is it a matter of enhancing the necessary skills, better legal and regulatory frameworks, greater decentralization and/or more support from the private sector?
  • How can such capacity be built sustainably and within a relatively short time frame?
  • Are there any ‘game changers’ for doing this e.g. the hub program?

Different prospectives were considered:

Views from the governments
Views from the private sector
Views from the UNECE-affiliated Specialists Centers of Excellence