On the 31st of March, a webinar was conducted on the subject of “PPPs in Ukraine: 2021 Prospects and challenges”

Published on: 01.04.2021
Category: PPP News

The director of The PPP Agency, Niko Gachechyladze, has taken part in the webinar on the subject of “PPPs in Ukraine: 2021 Prospects and challenges”. The event was organized by Dentons Europe LLC in cooperation with International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Other speakers at the event included:

  • Denys Kudin, the Deputy Head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine;
  • Taras Boichuk, Head of Office at SPILNO PPP Management Office, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine;
  • Euan Wilson and Maksym Sysoiev, Dentons Europe LLC;
  • Andrii Tsokol, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD);
  • Marek Waskiewicz, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD);
  • Besik Jikurauli, Georgian Industrial Group

This webinar marks the beginning of the series of events dedicated to the discussion of all the nuances regarding the opportunities for foreign investors in the implementation of infrastructure projects in Ukraine on national and regional levels. 

As it was noted during the webinar, modern-day Ukraine is attractive to potential investors. Consequently, public-private partnerships are becoming an increasingly widespread and efficient mechanism for engaging private investors in infrastructure development. Sharing risks and responsibilities allows governments and non-governmental bodies to complete projects faster and more efficiently, compared to traditional methods. PPPs enable the creation, restoration, and effective management of public facilities with the goal of providing socially significant services.

Such cooperation mechanisms entail the establishment by the public partner of clear requirements regarding infrastructure development, facilities maintenance, and the provision of high-quality available services. The amount of profit received by a private partner is directly proportional to the levels of operational efficiency of an object. This incentivizes the implementation of innovative solutions and new technologies.

In Ukraine, PPPs could help fulfill socially significant projects as well as facilitate the restoration and development of new infrastructure.

During the event, the director of The PPP Agency, Niko Gachechyladze, has presented a review of priority infrastructure projects that can be fulfilled via the PPP model. They included the Chornomorsk seaport concession project, the pilot program of the restoration and long-term maintenance of 12 road sections, a proposal regarding the realization of a pilot PPP project in the health care industry in Ukraine on the basis of the Clinical Ambulance Hospital in L’viv, as well as the project involving the construction of an underground multilevel parking lot in the same city. 

The participants have shared their experience related to the preparation and realization of various projects in Ukraine and have expressed their confidence in the success of future fulfillment of PPP projects and privatization.