Underground multilevel parking construction on Sq. E. Petrushevych in Lviv

Underground multilevel parking construction on Sq. E. Petrushevych in Lviv

Sq. E. Petrushevych is located near the historic city center with architectural monuments nearby ⇒ the option of underground parking was chosen.

Potential investment opportunities

Total CAPEXUSD 10 mln
  • Underground multilevel parking construction under E. Petrushevycha sq. (construction area 7015 sq. m) for 350 car parking spaces:

– 332 car parking spaces;

– 18 parking spaces equipped by electric vehicles charger.

  • Engineering facilities relocation
  • City square renovation (total sq. 0,5381 hа) (possible to install a temporary construction – commercial facility);
  • with the subsequent regulation of traffic.

L’viv territory parking zones

Source: Lviv City Council

The need for parking spaces in the area bounded by Shota Rustaveli Street, Zelena Street, Sq. E. Petrushevych in L’viv

Source: Lviv City Council

Land plots

The territory of two land plots 3D visualization with a total area 0,8332 ha

Source: Lviv City Council, Public Cadastral Map of Ukraine

Plan of the territory of two land plots with a total area of 0,8332 ha

Indicative terms of concession

Financing and provision by a Private Partner:

  • design and construction of new and reconstruction or relocation of existing facilities:

– underground parking construction,

– engineering facilities relocation,

– square reconstruction on E. Petrushevycha sq.,

– commercial facility installation on the square territory

  • all objects and facilities management during the term of the PPP contract:

– utilization/operation,

– maintenance.

The private partner can choose from two commercial facility management options:

  1. leasing a commercial facility to other business entities,
  2. personal entrepreneurial activity in a commercial facility.

Revenue structure (indicative)

Term of the concession – over 20 years.

The concession fee amount will be determined during the competitive tender process.

Risk allocation

Public Partner:

In order to meet demand, the public partner will:

  • Terminate contracts with operators of ground parking lots on Sq. E. Petrushevych.
  • Exclude from the list of parking areas on the square. E. Petrushevych.
  • Reconstruct the streets adjacent to Sq. E. Petrushevych (if necessary), in order to regulate ground parking and create conditions for the effective functioning of the underground multi-level parking.

Public partner will provide assistance in obtaining permits (for the construction and relocation of utilities).

Indicative allocation of risks:

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