The Director of the PPP Agency participated in the International Infrastructure and Transport Forum MINTRANS

Published on: 18.11.2021
Category: PPP News

On the 17th of November the director of the PPP Agency Niko Gachechyladze, participated in the International Infrastructure and Transport Forum MINTRANS.

MINTRANS is a platform that unites participants in the field of infrastructure and transport. Every year, more than 500 top managers of private and state-owned companies, as well as high-ranking officials representing the entire industry, participate in the event. The purpose of the platform is to unite professionals, effective European infrastructure’ building and Ukraine transport flows improvement.

This year’s thematic discussions included energy infrastructure, macroeconomics of the “Large Construction”, the railway sector, roads, digital infrastructure, infrastructure development through business-government cooperation, infrastructure projects’ international financing in Ukraine, urban infrastructure, recreational infrastructure, and seaport transportation in Ukraine, logistics, air transportation, industrial parks and the PPP mechanism.

Discussion of the PPP mechanism began at four o’clock p.m. The PPP projects implementation is an important component of increasing the volume of attracted investments for the significant upgrade and new infrastructure creation and the high-quality socially significant services’ provision. In addition to Mr Gachechyladze, the discussion was attended by Marina Finkelshteyn, Head of Roland Berger, Svitlana Gureeva, Sayenko Kharenko’ partner and Adnan Rahman, Head of the EU Project “Support to Ukrainian Authorities in Developing a National Transport Model and Master Plan”. The moderator was Taras Boichuk, Head of the Project Office for the Development of Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure “SPILNO”.

Participants investigated the implementation of the important infrastructure projects for our country on the terms of PPP. In particular, the Director of the PPP Agency highlighted the latest achievements in implementing a number of successful reforms and innovations in terms of bringing current PPP legislation in line with international standards and practices, the benefits of a system approach to regulating private business involvement in PPP projects in all areas of business aimed at meeting public interests and needs, and told about the priority PPP projects in the field of infrastructure and transport, for which the initiators have already begun work on the preparation of PPP implementation proposals with the support of international financial institutions (EBRD, IFC, GIF) and advisors selected on a competitive bidding basis.

Among the latter is worth mentioning Road PPP Program, I and Container Terminal Concession and Rail-Ferry Terminal Concession of the Sea Commercial Port “Chornomorsk”, Railway Stations Concessions and also Airports’ Concessions in Kherson, Rivne, Vinnytsia and Chernivtsi.

The event provided participants with a great opportunity for networking and experience sharing and was finalized with a solemn ceremony of awarding the MINTRANS Awards.