Director of the PPP Agency has participated in the VI International Investment Business Forum «Odesa 5T Investment Promotion Forum»

Published on: 21.09.2021
Category: PPP News

On the 17th of September, the Director of the PPP Agency, Niko Gachechyladze, participated in the VI International Investment Business Forum «Odesa 5T Investment Promotion Forum». 

Odesa 5Т Investment Promotion Forum is an international platform intended to foster collaboration, cooperation, dialogue and discussion between the representatives of the government, municipalities, the international community, diplomatic missions, organizations, foundations, businesses and experts. The event was organized by the Odesa City Council and the Odesa Regional State Administration. 

Odesa 5T Investment Promotion Forum

This year the main topics of the forum were the issues of cooperation between the government and businesses regarding the involvement of investment funds, tools of investor support at national and regional levels, relevant forms of investment involvement, etc. One of the goals of the event was to raise the level of professional competence of municipal officials concerned with investment management. 

The session of the forum, dedicated to the public-private partnership mechanism, was titled “Public-private partnership – an effective tool for attracting investments in the development of communities”. During this session, Mr. Gachechyladze has illuminated, for the benefit of the participants, a number of important issues, such as the main features of the PPP mechanism; what can be the object of PPP; in which cases the PPP mechanism is more appropriate than traditional procurement methods; who can be the project proposal initiator; what are the PPP life cycle phases; how the project identification, concept note and feasibility study preparation are conducted as well as what is the role of the PPP Agency in these processes.

The Director of the PPP Agency has also presented the pilot PPP projects in Ukraine to the participants of the forum and detailed the key areas of support, provided by international organizations, aimed at the implementation of the best global standards and practices in the field of PPP in Ukraine.

You can download the presentation in which these issues are covered in more detail at the link below: