The PPP Agency and the Kryvyi Rih City Council signed a memorandum of cooperation

Published on: 01.09.2020
Category: PPP News

The purpose of the memorandum is:

  • Creating a basis for fruitful cooperation in the implementation of PPP projects to restore and develop the city’s infrastructure and improve the quality of socially significant services.
  • Gaining successful experience in the implementation of PPP projects, which can have a multiplier effect for the most effective provision of public interests.

Under the cooperation agreements, the PPP Agency will:

  • provide expert and advisory support in the preparation of concept notes and proposals for the implementation of PPPs, as well as other documents that need to be prepared to ensure the effective implementation of the PPP mechanism at all stages of the project life cycle;
  • organize and conduct joint activities to strengthen the institutional capacity of local governments in the field of PPP;
  • involve representatives of public authorities and local governments, specialists, advisors, consultants and other stakeholders in the implementation of projects.
The memorandum of cooperation was signed in compliance with all the rules of quarantine restrictions, to prevent the spread of acute respiratory disease COVID-19 in Ukraine.