Training seminar “Practical tools for aligning PPP and infrastructure projects in the post-war recovery and reconstruction in Ukraine with the SDGs”

12.12.2023 — 12.12.2023
14:00 - 17:00

The rebuilding of Ukraine’s infrastructure will require the mobilisation of colossal financial resources from various sources: both public and private. Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) can be an important SDG financing mechanism for bridging the investment gaps by mobilising private finance into infrastructure development. In particular, the “PPP for the SDGs” approach developed by the UNECE promotes well-designed infrastructure projects that put “people” and the “planet” at the core. The approach seeks to ensure people’s access and equity to public services, strengthen the economic effectiveness and fiscal sustainability of projects, improve environmental sustainability and resilience, showcase the viability and replicability of such PPP projects, and demonstrate a project’s intent to be inclusive and engage with all stakeholders.

Furthermore, the UNECE PPP and Infrastructure Evaluation and Rating System (PIERS) launched by the UNECE in 2021 provides a platform for scoring infrastructure projects against the SDGs using a set of specially designed criteria and indicators. It ensures that PPP projects create “value for people” and “value for the planet,” with a focus on the most vulnerable groups of society. 

In line with the decision by the Government of Ukraine to fast-track PPP and infrastructure projects in the reconstruction phase, the UNECE has developed guidelines to help public officials in Ukraine to better understand how the PIERS methodology can be flexibly applied, with the ultimate aim to attract the interest and increase the confidence of investors in Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction projects.

Objectives and expected outcomes of the training seminar

The objective of this event is twofold:

  1. Familiarise PPP practitioners in Ukraine with the practical implementation of the UNECE approach “PPP for the SDGs” and the UNECE PIERS methodology, including its self-assessment tool; and
  2. Discuss the evaluation of pilot projects in Ukraine carried out in 2023 by UNECE using the PIERS methodology.

Format and venue

The training seminar will be conducted as an online event, with Ukrainian-English and English-Ukrainian interpretation.

A certificate of participation will be given to all participants.