Terms of Use

Welcome to the website of the State Organization “Agency on Support Public-Private Partnership of Ukraine” (hereinafter – the PPP Agency).

These Terms of Use (hereinafter – the Terms) determine the rules of use of the PPP Agency website, which is hosted at pppagency.me.gov.ua (hereinafter – the website).

The purpose of the creation and operation of the website is to increase information awareness about the implementation in Ukraine of high-quality and investment-attractive public-private partnership (hereinafter – PPP) projects in transport, municipal, energy, social and other areas, as well as information dissemination of experience related to using PPP mechanism in Ukraine and in the world.

1. General terms

1.1. The Terms are an integral part of the website and set out the rules of use for all visitors of the website.

1.2. Before using the website, the visitor is obliged to read the Terms and act in accordance with them. Using the website by the visitor means confirmation of his reading and acceptance of these Terms. If the visitor does not agree with the Terms, he may refuse to use the website.

1.3. The PPP Agency entitled to change the Terms without prior notice to visitors of the website.

2. Website content

2.1. The copyright to any material published on the Website, including but not limited to news, information materials, images, photographs and / or any other intellectual property objects (hereinafter – content), belongs to the PPP Agency or to our partners who own such content, unless otherwise expressly stated in the relevant page.

2.2. The content of the website is protected in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and applicable international law. The visitors shall not copy, modify, publish, transmit, distribute the content of the Website without the written permission of the PPP Agency or without the mandatory publication of the original source. At the same time, the visitor entitled to copy and download content for personal use without the appropriate permission of the PPP Agency by compliance with all provisions of copyright and related rights.

3. Rights and obligations of the visitor

3.1. The visitor of the website has the right:

3.1.1. to use the website unlimitedly in accordance with the purpose of its creation, the Terms and the current legislation of Ukraine.

3.1.2. to send an application to the PPP Agency using the application form located in the “Contacts” page.

3.1.3. to register for participation in the events organized by the PPP Agency and / or its partners which information is posted on the website.

3.2. To exercise their rights in accordance with paragraphs 3.1 the visitor provides personal data under the terms of the Privacy Policy and current legislation on personal data protection.

3.3. The visitor is obliged, including but not limited:

3.3.1. to use the website in such a way that does not block or damage any operation of the website, including but not limited, by the way of use any third-party software;

3.3.2. to use the website exclusively within these Terms and the current legislation of Ukraine;

3.3.3. do not take any action that violates these Terms and / or may cause the website and / or its hardware and / or software malfunction.

3.4. In case of violation of the provisions specified in paragraph 3.3, the PPP Agency entitled to block the visitor’s access to the website without the right to reimburse any damages for the visitor.

3.5.  The visitor is fully responsible in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and these Terms for the actions taken by him within working with the website.

3.6. The visitor shall immediately inform the administrator of the website by the contacts specified at the website of any violation of the rights of the PPP Agency, malfunction of the website, or any other violations of the rules set forth in these Terms.

4. Limitation of liability

4.1. The website operates exclusively within the current legislation of Ukraine, these Terms and the Privacy Policy of the website.

4.2. The PPP Agency shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages which visitors may associate with the use of the Website.

5. Concluding provisions

5.1.  The website has the right to unilaterally change the functional content of the website without a separate notification of the visitor.

5.2.  The PPP Agency entitled to change the Terms. Such changes come into force immediately after their publication on the website pppagency.me.gov.ua.

5.3.  The Terms apply in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine. Any disputes related to implementation of these Terms may be resolved by the relevant court, by the way described in applicable law of Ukraine.

5.4.  Notwithstanding any of the mentioned above, nothing of the Terms may be used to interpret the provisions set forth in the Privacy Policy of this website, which is available at https://pppagency.me.gov.ua/en/privacy-policy/.