The second public-private partnership (PPP) seminar for public authorities and local governments has taken place

Published on: 06.12.2021
Category: PPP News

From the 30th of November to the 3rd of December, 2021, the second public-private partnership (PPP) seminar for public authorities and local governments took place. The event was a part of the World Bank project “Strengthening the use of public-private partnerships (PPP) for better management of public investment”. The project is financed from the “Good Governance and Investment Climate Reform” (GGICR) trust fund with the support of the UK Government.

From the 22nd to the 24th of June, 2021, being a part of the aforementioned World Bank project, the first seminar took place. The goal of the event was to provide PPP practitioners with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the initiation, preparation and implementation of PPP projects.

On the 30th of November, the participants learned about the Public-Private Partnership Manual for Ukraine. Other topics that were communicated were “General approaches to the disclosure of information in the field of PPP” and “Monitoring the implementation of PPP/concession agreements in Ukraine”.

Thus, participants were presented with information on the various stages of the public-private partnership process, including the identification and role of the various stakeholders and the strategy for their engagement.

Ms Elena Timusheva, the PPP Specialist of the World Bank, has emphasized the need for creating a PPP project management team within a government institution, to ensure effective monitoring of the PPP/concession implementation agreements in Ukraine. Such a team should include 3-4 people who collectively are knowledgeable and experienced in various fields. You can learn more by downloading the presentations of the speakers at the links below:

On the 1st of December, a discussion on the process of PPP project implementation in the field of water provision and wastewater sanitation (including the project cycle of such projects) was conducted. Martin Darcy, Senior PIM & РРР Consultant of the World Bank has shared with the participants his experience in the implementation of water provision and wastewater disposal project in Northern Ireland. You can find his presentation at the following link:

Also on this day, the attendees had an opportunity to review the process of PPP project evaluation in terms of environmental impact from the perspectives of global experience and the requirements of Ukrainian legislation. The review was led by Irina Zapatrina, Senior РРР Consultant of the World Bank. The presentation is at the link below:

On the 2nd of December, Martin Darcy presented the participants with information on the process of PPP project implementation in the healthcare sector, based on a case study of the Darent Valley Hospital construction in the city of Dartford, Kent, England.

Irina Zapatrina has enlightened the attendees on the topic “Conflict sensitivity in PPP projects, including gender issues: evaluation approaches based on international experience”.

It must be noted that gender equality is the 5th of the Sustainable Development Goals, declared by the UN General Assembly in 2015, which must be achieved in Ukraine until 2030, according to the Presidential Decree on the Sustainable Development Goals of Ukraine for the period up to 2030. The participants have learned about the role of infrastructure in reducing inequality between men and women in access to resources, about gender mainstreaming in PPP processes, as well as about the inclusion of relevant qualification criteria and conditions in PPP tender documentation and PPP agreements, respectively.

On the 3rd of December, the participants discussed the implementation of PPP projects in the field of transportation and summarized the results of the seminar.